TankZone Battle

Online fights in principle similar to game Counter-Strike. Tanks of the governing party and the opposition meet in competitive team battles. Join and help your team to win! Dynamic and exciting battles are awaiting you, where the power of ammunition is not everything.


The player chooses the team. At the beginning of each round , the player has the possibility to entry a shop where he/she can buy equipment, arms and ammunition according to available money/finances. Money is possible to gain according to merits in battle. These are fairly divided according to how many HP the player takes from rival player, not according to number of destroyed units. The aim is to destroy all rival player´s units. The players can use surrounding buildings, plants and suitable type of camouflage in their favour. At the base camp it is possible to fill up the munition.


Each player will found its own tactic and favourite way of game playing. The principle is, that the player with heavy artillery has the support of at least one player with lighter artillery. During the heavy artillery overcharging it is appropriate to be protected by another player, whose gun takes shorter to be overcharged.


“TankZone Battle is fun and definitely fair! If you like tactic and skill based shooters, especially ones involving tanks, then this would be a good choice for your next buy.”